About Us


Who We Are

Safe Marine Assurance is a full-service Energy Risk & Maritime Engineering Consultancy firm headquartered in Houston, Texas with local offices globally.


We focus on providing cost-effective, independent third-party design, verification, analysis and inspection services to the Maritime, Shipping, & Energy sectors which includes the highest quality professional staffing and technical solution specialists domestically and internationally .

Marine Warranty

What We Do

As an experienced Maritime Consultancy firm, we provide project related advisory, analytical review and documentation for Dynamic Positioning and all Maritime Operations including:

  • Marine Warranty Surveying
  • Dynamic Positioning (DP) Consultancy
  • Dynamic Positioning Trials, Integrity Testing & Verification
  • Client Representation - Office, Field & Offshore
  • Professional Staffing - Office, Field & Offshore
  • Marine Vetting & Inspections -OVID, CMID, Suitability
  • Marine Operations & Operational Activity Planning -CAM/ASOG/WSOG/SIMOPS
  • Certified Verification Agent (CVA) 
  • Project Equipment Testing and Verification (FMEcA) 
  • FMEA & FME(c)A audits and Authoring
  • Condition Survey, pre-purchase, On-hire/Off-hire 
  • Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) Consultancy
  • Onboard training & assessment of  DP & Marine personnel 
  • Crane Inspections and Assurance  

DP Trials

How We Do It

Together with our consultants, we maintain a centralized QHSSE & Business Management System in order to provide a consistent, high-quality product each and every time.

By pooling our resources and working together, we are able to nominate the right consultant for the right project, all while keeping cost down which ultimately gets passed to the end client.

Our Network Partners


Our Memberships

IMCA - CMID Accredited Vessel Inspectors


From January 2018 the International Marine Contractors Association’s (IMCA) will recognize only formal inspection reports conducted using its  e CMID database, meaning that paper reports not uploaded into the database will no longer be considered by IMCA to be authorized inspection reports.

The whole e CMID system is now based on the principles described in the ISO 19011 Guidance for Auditing Management Systems standard and is aligned with other comparable industry guidance on safety management system assurance.

From the same date only validated Accredited Vessel Inspectors (AVI) will be able to use the ‘inspector role’ in the IMCA e CMID database to conduct authorised Common Marine Inspection Document –IMCA M149 and Marine Inspection for Small Workboats – IMCA M189) inspections.

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Corporate Membership


 The Marine Technology Society was incorporated in June 1963 to give members of academia, government and industry a common forum for the exchange of information and ideas.

 Our guiding purpose is:

“To promote awareness, understanding, advancement and application of marine technology.”

Today, MTS is a growing organization, boasting a membership of businesses, institutions, individual professionals and students who are ocean engineers, technologists, policy makers and educators.


Our mission is to:

  • Facilitate a broader understanding of the relevance of marine technology to wider global issues by enhancing the dissemination of marine technology information
  • Promote and improve marine technology and related educational programs
  • Advance the development of the tools and procedures required to explore, study and further the responsible and sustainable use of the oceans.

IMCA Services Supplier "S" Member


IMCA is a trade associations formed of members operating in the offshore construction industries. 

As such, they exist for the benefit of the members by promoting areas of common interest, such as health, safety, quality, environmental and technical standards in order to improve business performance. 

They achieve this with strict adherence to the IMCA Competition Law Policy.

  • IMCA has a membership of marine contractors, large and small, operating nationally and internationally, together with their supplier companies, with a corresponding membership category available to clients and regulatory bodies
  • IMCA operates through a committee structure which focuses on many different areas of technical expertise.