Reactivation and Commissioning

Our Services


We have a dedicated technical department located in Lockport, LA with further backing out of our Houston, TX and Rio de Janeiro Brazil offices. This allows us to provide the maritime service needed to maintain and operate vessels efficiently, including an expert team of Masters, Engineers, Electricians, Naval Architects, purchasing, information technology, safety, quality and environmental protection, insurance, as well as financial and administration personnel.

During vessel reactivation and commissioning, we provide a technical support staff for all DP & alarm/automation system testing, Auxiliary systems commissioning, and associated DP FMEA trials which includes check, run and repair all the auxiliary and main systems. We not only oversee the project, we also actively restart and operate the vessel and all associated systems.

We schedule technicians and service companies in order to keep the vessel operationally effective all while keeping within budget. Service delivery is underpinned by a rigorous approach to safety, security and environmental protection.Our Technical ship management services encompass all of the services that maximize the operational efficiency and physical condition of a vessel throughout its working life in compliance with the requirements of industry regulators, ship owners,  clients and customers.

Some of our reactivation and commissioning services include:

  • Registration of Vessels
  • Technical Supervision & Maintenance
  • Operational Activity Planning
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Vessel Inspection and Reports
  • Dry-dockings and major repairs
  • Purchasing - Inventory control
  • Budgetary - Financial controls
  • Planned Maintenance Systems
  • Insurance arrangement and Claims handling
  • Supply and management of the crew
  • Any other Technical assistance that may be required

We can also provide the vessel crew that will be responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the vessel and all on board. They will effectively and efficiently operate the vessel and execute Marine operations, DP maneuvers and USCG & Port State Control inspections and Audits including ISM, ISPS, EMS, CMID, and OCIMF/OVID.

As expert DP and Mission Critical Systems Specialists, we also make certain all associated DP related documentation are current. We attend each and every DP trial and work with the DP FMEA Practitioner to develop a precise testing protocol, not just a check box exercise. We work with the crew to develop and maintain the operational requirements associated with Dynamic Positioning. Some of these include CAM/ASOG/SIMOPS.