Technical & Specialist Staffing Solutions

Technical Staffing Solutions

"Highest Quality Professional Staffing and Technical Solutions"

Safe Marine Assurance (SMA) provides our clients with the highest quality professional staffing and technical solution specialists domestically and internationally. 

We believe that trust is a major component to an effective working relationship. We work towards creating an individual and personal approach to each contract and project. We value the relationships we build with our clients and look forward to working with you. 

We understand that time is an expensive resource. Our commitment to our clients is to execute and deliver in an expedient, efficient and very timely manner. These principals ensure the trust and repeat business of our clients including the cooperative growth in the Oil, Gas and Renewables industries.


"Friendly Approach on every Project & Contract"

Safe Marine Assurance (SMA) is strategically placed in Houston, TX and Rio de Janeiro, BR, two of the World's major hubs for the oil and gas industries with consultants and specialists outsourced worldwide. 

We are well situated to consult anywhere globally, either in person or with the use of modern technology. With our low overheads, we can outsource at a very cost-effective price, at or below competition. With our practical experience within the oil and gas fields, we have the experience and resources to find the most suitable specialists to fit your requirements.

Our company goal is professionalism, expediency, cost efficiency and an individual, friendly approach on every project and contract.