Maritime Warranty Consultancy


"Competent Marine Surveyors"

Our team of competent Marine Surveyors, Licensed Mariners and Engineers can inspect or audit vessels and barges anywhere in the world for the oil & gas sector or commercial shipping environment.

Our surveyors are supported by industry standard checklists such as OVID & CMID and detailed in-house developed checklists to further assess the vessels operational quality and efficiency. 

Marine Warranty

"Assess the Vessel's Operational Efficiency"

&Our comprehensive service for audits & inspections includes:

  • IMCA Audits (e CMID)
  • OVID Inspections  (Account 14616 & 14684)
  • ISM, ISPS, EMS, QMS, & SEMS Inspections
  • On-hire/Off-hire Surveys
  • Bunker Surveys
  • Vessel Assurance
  • Marine Warranty Survey
  • Suitability Survey
  • Full Load-out Survey of Equipment
  • Sea Fastening of Load-outs
  • Sail Away of Load-outs   

Inspection Types

OCIMF - OVID Inspection

OVID Inspector

The Offshore Vessel Inspection Database (OVID) has been developed by OCIMF in response to a request from its members to provide a database of offshore inspections broadly following the format of SIRE. 

The aim of OVID is to provide a robust web based inspection tool and database of inspection reports; this will be underpinned with professional, trained and accredited inspectors. In the long term it is an aspiration that OVID will form a that is central to the selection and assurance of offshore vessels enhancing the safety of operations in the industry.

IMCA - CMID Inspections

CMID Inspector

The IMCA e CMID System provides standard formats for the inspection and auditing of offshore vessels. 

Its use helps promote safety and efficiency and can help reduce the number of repeat inspections on individual vessels by providing a consistent, transferable format which meets vessel operator and client requirements alike.

The relevant publications are:

Suitability Survey

Suitability surveys of vessels, structures and equipment are used to assess the suitability of a vessel and equipment to carry out or aid in specific tasks prior to each operation, including any  “close out” inspections.

Vessel Suitability Surveys shall:

  • Establish that the relevant items are suitable for the proposed operations; · 
  • Make known the recommendations to be implemented before start of work 
  • Review metocean conditions and incorporate metocean requirements 
  • Observe and record the preparations for the proposed operations; · 
  • Attend and witness critical function tests or relevant assurance tests.  

On-Hire Survey

The purpose of an On-Hire survey is to record the physical condition of the vessel at the time of it being delivered into a charter. Included in the On-hire survey inspection is the verification of bunkers remaining on board the vessel at the time of delivery into charters. The reason for verifying the bunkers on board is that on re-delivery to owner, the quantity will be near same as start of charter.

The survey includes: 

  • Ship’s Hull 
  • Condition of the main deck area 
  • Weather deck hatch covers & openings 
  • Cargo Ggear & securing equipment 
  • Cargo compartments dry & Liquid 
  • Deckheads 
  • Internal structures 
  • Living & working arrangements  

Off-Hire Survey

The Off-hire survey is the reverse process of the On-hire survey. The survey re-examines all areas surveyed during the On-Hire with the addition of damage & incident reports, bunker survey, full condition survey and assess the equipment and maintenance system updates.