Dynamic Positioning (DP) Assurance & Consultancy


"Unrivaled Expertise in Dynamic Positioning (DP)"


We possess unrivaled expertise in Dynamic Positioning (DP), with our staff of master mariners, marine engineers and control system engineers and our experience in marine consultancy we have established a comprehensive, practical, and theoretical understanding of DP vessels, FMEA and their corresponding systems.

We can optimize all designs from simplex non-redundant DP systems to fully integrated, fully redundant DP systems on all types of vessels DP-0 to DP-3.


"DP Asset Integrity"

 We offer complete document packages for “New Build” vessels, DP system upgrades, FMEA, and for your entire fleet that meet all resolution and guidance documents issued by class and state societies.  Our comprehensive service for dynamic positioning includes: 

  • DP FMEA, Proving Trials, DP 5-yearly Trials, Annual DP Trials
  • Vessel Specific DP Operations Manuals
  • Competency Assurance & DP Functionality Tests, 
  • DP Assurance Audits, Mobilization Trials 
  • Thruster Reliability, CAT Testing, DP System Audits,
  • Marine Warranty for DP Ops, DP Asset Integrity,
  • DP and Marine Warranty Operational Activity Planning (CAMO, TAM and ASOG) including Client Representation.   


"Operational Activity Planning"

 Operational activity planning applies to all sectors of offshore marine operations, including offshore drilling, project and construction vessels and offshore supply vessels,  although usually applied to dynamically positioned (DP) vessels, the processes described in IMCA's guidance can be used for non-DP vessels.  

Operational activity planning comprises three processes: critical activity mode (CAMO), task appropriate mode (TAM) and activity specific operating guidelines (ASOG).”

The guidance on operational planning defines:

  • The vessel’s systems/equipment configuration appropriate to the location and the activity the vessel is undertaking (CAMO or TAM)
  • variable limits in equipment and operational parameters for the location and specific activity (ASOG)
  • actions to be taken by the DP operator (DPO) in response to faults and deteriorating conditions and performance identified in the CAMO, TAM and ASOG

It presents the guidance to the DPO in a user-friendly tabular format, and the approach produces a brief document which provides a cross reference for relevant vessel personnel such as the DPO, driller, diving superintendent, bridge, etc.